Buying an Oppo F11 Mobile Online


The OPPO F11 Smartphone is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a digital experience. This device packs in all the essential features you need, including a fingerprint sensor and proximity sensor. The device is also equipped with a hybrid dual-sim slot. Instead of spending a fortune on a DSLR camera, the smartphone provides high-quality audio and noise cancellation. Its battery life is impressive, too. Its camera quality is superb. oppo f11

The screen size of the Oppo F11 is large, allowing users to view everything on it without any problem. Its 6.53-inch size means that users can get full access to everything on the screen. Whether you’re watching a movie or browsing the internet, the F11’s large screen will immerse you in the experience. The Oppo F11’s processor is also fairly fast. Combined with its 4000 mAh battery, it’s one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today.

As for the memory of the OPPO F11, it has 64GB of internal storage and can be expanded up to 256GB with a microSD card. However, the company has never used the second SIM slot before, instead utilizing a dedicated SD card slot for storage. As a result, the F11 has a strong foundation against Samsung’s flagship device. The only question now is whether the smartphone will be priced competitively in Pakistan.

The OPPO F11 Pro will be available in India starting on March 15, 2019. Other countries where it will be sold include the Middle East and North Africa. The F11 Pro will cost around thirty-four dollars for the 64GB version. The Vivo V15 Pro, with its similar hardware and pop-up camera, will be its biggest rival. So, the Oppo F11 will be worth a look if you’re in the market for a phone with a pop-up camera

Battery life is another concern for consumers. The Oppo F11 comes with a powerful 4020mAh battery. The device will last a full day on average usage (including an hour of gaming), an hour of phone calling, and checking social networking feeds. However, heavy users may have to charge the device several times per day. VOOC 3.0 fast charging technology is also compatible with the Oppo F11 Pro.

Both phones have curved corners on the back. However, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has an earpiece grille and thin bezels around the screen. Overall, it has a decent design and a good build quality. A 5.5-inch screen is nice, but its protruding camera housing is annoying. Otherwise, this phone is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smartphone with a big display.

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